By flamedrake

Plorkyeran posted: Please do upload it. If my guess about the cause is correct (gamebridge likes to drop frames, throwing off a/v sync and screwing up the field order), it should be fixable in avisynth without any per-video work.

It's not the capture device, it's the source. Yes, ideally all the fields should line up absolutely perfectly, but that almost never happens exactly with interlaced sources, videogame or DVD or otherwise. So you need a good deinterlacer that can handle that without barfing all over the video, but many of them screw up videogame text really badly. So we're back where this started.

So anyway, here's an RE5 demo screenshot taken from a TV Wonder 650 with exactly the same problem:

Yadif-re5 1

HUD and text look fine, but as you can see it's caught between frames. Here's what it looks like using a decombing filter that I like to use with film material:


(if for some reason it's recording in RGB you're gonna want to throw a ConvertToYUY2() in there as well since the deinterlacers only work on YUV material and ConvertToYV12() looks completely awful on interlaced stuff)

Yadif-re5 2

Notice that the in-game stuff now looks good but the HUD and the text on it got murdered.

And here's using the Yadif filter:

Load_Stdcall_plugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\yadif.dll")

Yadif-re5 3

A few of the background details got cleaned up as well, and it doesn't double the framerate in the process. It's really a fantastic filter all around.