This is a list of guides from the old thread, and their movement status:

Guide Status
A Workflow Diagram Copied (needs image moving, though)
AviSynth Basics Copied
Fraps to MeGUI Copied
From HD-PVR to Dual Audio LP Video, a semi-comprehensive guide Copied
Getting started with overlays and animations (dynamic/moving overlays) using Avisynth Copied
How to Prevent Sony Vegas from Destroying Your Video Copied 
Extract h264 Video from an m2ts File Rewritten (Extract Video from M2TS)
Blackmagic Intensity Versus Hauppauge HD PVR Not copied - is this out of date anyway?
How to Make Subtitles [Baldurdash|Download(10.7mb)] Is a video
How to Stream Not copied - probably out of date by now anyway.
Cropping and Resizing Recorded PS2 Footage Copied
A Case for YADIF Copied
Reasons for Checkerboard Patterns with S-Video Not copied
Self-Hosting Your Own Video LP Rewritten
VirtualDub Video Tutorial Another video tutorial, and apparently this is old and outdated anyway
Capturing Video with VirtualDub Copied
Recording Video in DOSBox Copied
Recording with DOSBox in Linux Not copied (needs updating, Youtube settings are 480p)
Software for Macs Not copied (looks to be out of date anyway)
Recording a DS - How to Make a DS Video Using a Camera Copied
Video Copilot's After Effects Basics Can't copy (non-goon guide)
Auto Ducking in Audacity Copied
How to Fix Gradual Audio Desyncing in Your Video in 3 Steps Rewritten (Fixing Gradual Audio Desync)
Audio Routing Tactics Using Virtual Audio Cable Not copying -- new/updated VAC guide requested
VAC Setup Chart Not copying -- new/updated VAC guide requested
Audio Setup for Macs Copied
Image Formats Can't copy without permission
Automatically Transcribe Text from Screenshots Copied
Image Capture with IrfanView Merged with below
Getting Screenshots the Easy Way Copied
Animated Gif making in Gif Movie Gear Is a video
How to Make Animated Gifs [Baldurdash|Download(10.0mb)] Is a video