Recording Video In DOSBoxEdit

By Dang_David

Part 1 - Capture DirectoryEdit

In the DOSBox folder, you should see a file labeled dosbox.conf (I believe) Left click and choose 'open with' and use notepad. Once you do that, you can mess around with the config file.

When you open the config file, look for this: [dosbox] # language -- Select another language file.

  1. memsize -- Amount of memory dosbox has in megabytes.
  2. machine -- The type of machine tries to emulate:hercules,cga,tandy,pcjr,vga.
  3. captures -- Directory where things like wave,midi,screenshot get captured.





IIRC, the bolded part will only look like "captures=" and that's it. You can create a file called captures (or whatever you choose to name it) and put that title after the "=" This file should be with all your DOSBox files.

Part 2 - A Necessary CodecEdit

After you do that, you should install the 'ZMBV' codec. If you download the newest version of DOSBox and have installed the program, click on the start menu, find DOSBox in the program list and there should be a folder called "Video" From there, click install codec.

Part 3 - The Easy BitEdit

After you do that, you should be good to go. To take screen shots, the command is 'ctrl+5' and to do video captures, it is 'Ctrl+Alt+F5' to start/stop the recording. If not all the audio is being captured, there is also an audio capture, which starts and ends when you hit 'Ctrl+Alt+F6'

All your screenshots and video captures will show up in whatever folder you choose (capture=XXXX), ready for editing.