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Welcome to the SA LP Tech Support Fort Wiki[]

Tech Support and other advice for Let's Plays from Something Awful's LP subforum.

LPing is Serious Business. It also involves a lot of technical things. What encoding method should I use? What programs are useful, and how the hell can I record my console games to make some sweet, sweet LPs? These, and many other questions are what the Tech Support Fort is for. Want to know whether Windows Movie Maker will cut it? We have a section on that! Want to learn the arcane arts of AviSynth, so you can be a real LP Superstar like the goons who wrote this? Yup, we have that too!

Take a brief poke around, and see if you learn anything new. If you have, then the TSF has done its job!


Once this is done, this is where we'll be puttin' a basic table o' contents. For now, here's what we have so far.

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Want to help out? Check out the guide move status for guides that have yet to be copied over to the wiki.

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